Mathscan Prices

Choose the best formula for your child's needs



A diagnosis of algebra gaps

Remediation of the gaps of algebra

Access to realization reports

Access to the first two chapters


100 DHS / month

Invoiced annually
190 DHS / month invoiced per month, 150 DHS / month if billed for 3 months and 120 DHS / month if invoiced for 6 months

Integral and granular diagnosis gaps of all themes including gaps from previous years (

remediation gaps of all themes ( digital calculation, algebra, analysis, geometry, trigonometry, etc )

Access to all chapters and all the program

Revision by theme and chapter

Access to the progress of exams

Follow-up of progress compared to the school program

Access to the Progress Report by Theme and the Global Report

Access to the report of periodic activities


In addition to what is in the fundamental plan

Individualized and personalized daily tracking by a math teacher

Participation in all accompanying workshops

Participation in all workshops on the use of maths in real life

Access to the preparation of competitions (from the common core)

Access to the preparation of international tests

Access to the preparation of the Olympiads