Making mathematics fun again

Making mathematics fun again

An artificial intelligence-powered platform for rapid, intuitive, and effective mathematics learning.

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For students and parents

A 30% to 40% improvement in proficiency after only two months of use, with sessions twice a week

A 30% to 40% improvement in proficiency after only two months of use, with sessions twice a week

Guaranteed rapid progress in mathematics with less effort and frustration

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Diagnostic intelligent des lacunes

Un diagnostic rapide, précis, dynamique et factuel qui identifie les lacunes cumulées au fil des années à un niveau granulaire.

Remédiation personnalisée des lacunes

Une remédiation rapide de toutes les lacunes identifiées afin d’aider les élèves à maitriser les nouveaux acquis grâce à un feedback personnalisé.

Auto-évaluation en libre accès

Un accès complet à des activités d’autovaluation et d’apprentissage par chapitre et par capacité couvrant tous le programme de l’année.

Suivi via des rapports instantanées

Des rapports instantanés vous donnent des informations précises et pertinentes sur le progrés de votre enfant.



I am delighted to announce that my daughter J.'s grade has improved from 9/20 to 17/20, thanks to Mathscan. Thank you to the team for all their efforts. Mother of J., 2nd year of middle school

Mother of J.A
2nd year of middle school

For Teachers and schools

Save over 6 hours on each assignment or assessment

Instant monitoring of students’ progress (individually or by class), detailed real-time reporting for differentiated student support

Automation of assessment in all its forms: Diagnosis of prerequisites, assessment of acquired knowledge, supervised assignments.

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5 Tips to help your child excel in math

A free ebook for parents and children who want to learn a few tips.

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They trust us

They trust us

They talk about us

They talk about us