Flexible use that meets a multitude of needs of the parents school and students

An appteration personalized at the desired rate

Omnisciable teachers of students difficulties in their classes classes with a great precision

An educational approach assisted by artificial intelligence (ia)

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Instant monitoring of student progress (individually or by class) and better time management.

Automation of evaluation in all its forms and detailed reportings in real time for a differentiated accompaniment of students


Fast progress in mathematics guaranteed with the minimum of effort


A differentiated pedagogical approach focused on factual data for better governance of mathematical learning quality

Why Math Scan ?




Fast full and simultaneous

Upgrades before each course / chapter / semester

Formative and summative generation and automated correction of evaluation duties of the prerequisites of acquired and homework


Differentiated master's pedagogy


Automotic generation of analytical reports on students progression and comparative reports by level and by class

Custom Follow-up and Accompaniment Support Tool

Appreciation of achievements and monitoring students progressions at different scales

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